1.084 m
343 m
127,61 km

Visto 791 volte, scaricato 135 volte

vicino Oliena, Sardegna (Italia)

6 commenti

  • k690r 10-apr-2015

    Conosco il percorso, comunque molto bello

  • Foto di Andrea&Bronco

    Andrea&Bronco 19-mag-2016

    tutto fuoristrada?

  • Foto di iJeep

    iJeep 19-mag-2016

    No, not the whole route is offroad, only about 75%.

  • Foto di Andrea&Bronco

    Andrea&Bronco 20-mag-2016

    ok, perfect.
    what kind of tyre did you use? All terrain is enough?

  • Foto di iJeep

    iJeep 22-mag-2016

    No special tyres, the original Goodyear M/S tyres did fine !

  • Foto di Andrea&Bronco

    Andrea&Bronco 23-mag-2016

    ok, thanks.
    i'll try your track in the middle of july, i'll let you know how will goes.

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