1.762 m
931 m
27,84 km

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vicino Fosse, Veneto (Italia)

Schinchi Camparso Tommasi Lianavecia Ripetitore m.ga Braghetta Valbella Lessini Castelberto Rocco Piano Fittanze Braghetta Ripetitore Tommasi Schinchi

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  • bosker7 23-mag-2019

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    After Fosse and Tomassi, 3km later the road is blocked with a big 1m stone, only a motorbike can pass, so turning left was not possible.

    We continued on the milky-way, to get another entry, but there was a fallen tree 1km later and we didn't want to cut it with our small 25cm saw so we abandoned the trail and went to check the Forte Molino and Forte San Marco trails.

    Here is our trail with picture of the rock:

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