• Foto di Clara Town (Monrovia) to Cookes Town
  • Foto di Clara Town (Monrovia) to Cookes Town
  • Foto di Clara Town (Monrovia) to Cookes Town
  • Foto di Clara Town (Monrovia) to Cookes Town
  • Foto di Clara Town (Monrovia) to Cookes Town

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vicino a Vai Town, Montserrado (Liberia)

A fairly simple track through some of most busy and quiet places of Montserrado.

You can start this track at any point, but the indicated track starts near the port of Monrovia and follows the Somalia Drive towards the Red Zone.

About 50 meters before you reach the Monrovia-Kakata Highway, you need to take a left turn on Pipeline road. The beginning of this road is a market and it can be quite busy so you need to be careful at that point. But after a 300 meter, the market is finished and you'll see that Pipeline road is a wide, but a bit bumpy road. You will also see why this road got this name: There is a big (probably) water pipe running under it. At some points, the pipe is visible. From this point, you just continue this road in Northern direction. The road will become smaller, but of better quality then earlier.

Almost near the end of this road, there is a small detour due to the train tracks.

Once at the end of Pipeline road, take a right turn. Here you will follow the road towards Cardwell. During the rainy season you may encounter some major mud baths along the way and you will need to have a good 4x4 vehicle to pass. But in the dry season, it should be easy to pass without much problem.

Soon after "Cassava Hill" you will return to paved road. This will be doubtfully be the best road you've ever seen in Liberia. It's wide, has bicycle track and walking lanes on both sides and even street lights.

Near the end of this road, you will pass a bridge and then you will be back in downtown Monrovia with it's usual busy traffic.


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