227 m
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64,36 km

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vicino Šmrika, Primorsko-Goranska (Hrvatska)

Percorso offroad isola KrK parte 1



Arrivo Punat

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  • Foto di Prof.Snow

    Prof.Snow 6-ott-2015

    r y really sure you did this track with an 4x4? what kind of?! i tried to follow this:
    first of all, it was really nice. running down to the seas a.s.o. but then: did you really just crossed the bay and ran up the rocky hills? .... but ok, probably you made it (tied up and shit like this). but the next shit was right at njivce. i was pulling through and through and the track was never more than 1.5m. but at the end there were 2 huge rocks - no way to pass! turned around on a single trail for bikers or whatever and drove back. this trail is no option expect you drive a trophy car or you don't give a f**k of your vehicle...

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