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Coordinate 4117

Caricato 23 aprile 2014

Recorded aprile 2014

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1.042 m
2 m
140,17 km

Visto 4298 volte, scaricato 299 volte

vicino Buje, Istarska (Hrvatska)

Percorso offroad da Buje ad Abbazia

Al Lago

4 commenti

  • Fligge 15-nov-2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    It was very wet and so some parts were very slippery.

  • Foto di Andrea&Bronco

    Andrea&Bronco 11-apr-2016

    in which period of the year did you do it? do you think will be possibile to do this track at the end of april?

  • Fligge 11-apr-2016

    Hi, i did the trail 2 times in dec 2014 and 2015. The first time it was very muddy and slippery because there was heavy rain the days before. The 2nd time it was ok, but we had to clear the track from snow in the mountains.
    I think it should be possible to do the track in the end of april.

  • Foto di Andrea&Bronco

    Andrea&Bronco 11-apr-2016

    ok, thanks

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