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Anti "Locus Map" bias?
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Autore:  ppascoal [ 21 giu 2020, 08:42 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Anti "Locus Map" bias?

Since about two weeks, when I try to upload (via the site on a browser) a track recorded on Locus Map I get this error message: «The server encountered a transitory error and could not complete your request. Please try again in a minute or so. The system administrator has been notified.». And it's always the same, no matter how many times I try.

What I find really strange is that if I use that very same file in some other software and save it, then I can upload it to Wikiloc with no problem whatsoever! What's up with that? :roll:

Autore:  Nagy Ádám [ 14 lug 2020, 07:14 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Anti "Locus Map" bias?

I experienced the same problem with Locus tracks (haven't tried with other tracker though). Simple tracks, no pictures embedded or other fancy features, but I got the same error message from the server and can't upload tracks.

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