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The goal of Wikiloc is to help you share and discover GPS trails and waypoints from around the World in an easy way.


Jordi Ramot


Software Engineer specialized in the geospatial interoperability field. I graduated with a MS in Computer Science from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

In 2006 I started to work on Wikiloc in my spare time and now we're a growing community of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts sharing our best outdoor routes from anywhere around the planet.

On the personal side I'm a vegetarian, I like statically-typed languages like Java, dynamic languages like Python, Unix-like operating systems and when not in the office I like to be in the outdoors trail running, back-country skiing or mountain biking.

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Montserrat Jordi


For over 10 years I've been working managing teams and projects in the automotive and industrial sector, helping companies to innovate and to design new processes.

I hold a Master's degree in Engineering Management, a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering and I'm a certified Quality Auditor.

Before joining Wikiloc I was in charge of the product productivity of the automotive business unit of TRETY and also in charge of the Industrialization, Production and Costs Department at INOXPA. I like traveling, all kind of outdoor sports and music.

We hope you find Wikiloc useful and that it helps you getting the most out of your GPS. You can help us to improve the service by letting us know what you think of it. Happy trails!

Noemí Morales


Bachelor in Business Administration from the UB and Master in Marketing Management from ESADE. Professionally, the projects I've worked on range from the financial to the marketing area.

I began in Caixa Girona with projects related to stock markets, then building the credit department in Laboratorios Hipra, SA, after that I was in charge of the Marketing Dpt. in Inoxpa, SA and currently in Wikiloc.

I love discovering new things: a country, a landscape, a book, a song …

I hope that if you practice and enjoy outdoor activities, Wikiloc will become an essential tool for your adventures.

Jose Molina

Lead Engineer

Since 2005, my career has always been related to GPS, mapping and its applications. Before joining Wikiloc, I was part of the Geographic Information Service and Remote Sensing (SIGTE) in the UdG, developing GeoWeb projects using open source technologies, spatial databases and OGC standards.

I've also developed mobile applications with GPS, location-based services (LBS), and worked as a professor of spatial databases at the Master UNIGIS.

Wikiloc combines my passion for technology, cartography, and enjoying nature discovering new places with my GPS.

Josep Rubio

Mobile Engineer

I hold a Computer Science degree from the UdG.

With over 7 years of professional experience I have always been in the web environment: development and maintenance of web applications and applications for small devices.

My hobbies are reading and practicing outdoor sports (biking, hiking and running).

I would like you find a trail on Wikiloc which helps you to achieve all the goals you challenge yourself with.

Pau Dominkovics

Mobile Engineer

The first computer that came into my home was a x286 and since then I started to love programming so much that I always felt it was only a hobby. Maybe that's why I studied computer science as a second career.

With the arrival of smart-phones my fun multiplied with its possibilities. My first serious test was "Board Games" for Android & iOS and it was a surprising success.

My formation and experience as an architect taught me to focus on results and to see technical difficulties as opportunities to care for detail.

Wikiloc allows me to combine this passion with another great passion, the outdoor activities. Being an user and a creator of the same product is a great pleasure and enriching.

My third passion (first in importance) is my family. I have two sons with all the adjectives that parents used to use with our children, but I would highlight one; they are very funny (and great app testers) ;)


Manuel Roca


Happy entrepreneur in both personal and professional life. In the professional side I co-founded atrapalo.com 13 years ago in which I'm the CEO of the company. I also co-founded with my wife a social crowd-funding project, miaportacion.org, to help people under risk of being socially excluded with their basic needs.

But my biggest project is my BIG family with 7 children to whom I teach values like effort, perseverance, initiative, spirit of service that are so valuables for every aspect of life either personally or professionally although I learn much more from them.

Apart from that I'm a passionate of cycling, skiing and back-country skiing.

Mr. Roca is the sole investor in Wikiloc

Wikiloc's history



    Growing to 2,000,000 trails worldwide April

    3 million photos & videos taken along the trails February



    Award by the Spanish Geographic Society (SGE)

    Winner of the Internet Day contest. Sports category.

    Top App with inApp purchases on iTunes Navigation category (Spain) October

    Launch a much requested feature: Trail Companions September

    1,6 million unique visitors and 4,3 million trails downloaded in a year! August



    1 million trails! New Year's day

    Wikiloc for Android

    The initial hiking and cycling activities grow to 40 outdoor activities! April 2nd

    Wikiloc available in 20 languages Feb 20th

    First product for businesses The Geopromotion Pack Jan 10th



    Wikiloc for iPhone!

    Wikiloc grows to 5 employees!

    Wikiloc turns 5 years old April 7th

    Launch of the first Wikiloc Channel (Costa Brava) March 15th

    1.000.000 unique visitors per month March 18th

    300.000 Trails March 6th



    200.000 registered users December 29th

    Winner of the Living Labs Global Showcase. For the regions of Taipei (Taiwan) and Comarca de la Selva (Girona).

    200.000 Trails July 25th

    Winner of "Dynamism in services" by Cambra de Comerç de Sant Feliu de Guíxols 4th June



    100.000 Trails Setember 29th

    Winner of the Geotourism Challenge by National Geographic and Ashoka Changemakers.

    100.000 registered users November 27th

    "100 PROTAGONISTAS DEL PAÍS" Jordi Ramot December
  • TEAM

    Montserrat Jordi (Co-Founder) officially joins Wikiloc



    Agreement with Google to show our trails as a default layer on Google Earth.

    WIKILOC OUTDOOR, SL. is founded.

    First 1.000.000 pageviews per month October



    Google Maps España gave Wikiloc an award for best mashup.

    Jordi Ramot creates Wikiloc April 7th

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